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In order to produce the highest quality images, my SIGNATURE* photography process involves SUPPLEMENTAL LIGHTING and PHOTOSHOP EDITING.  My system requires multiple off-camera flash units and light modifiers, used in conjunction with a professional level DSLR camera, a luxury wide-angle lens, and a solid tripod.   Each individual image is edited in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop where I balance highlights and shadows, straighten verticals, crop for content, adjust white balance, and increase sharpness.  This involved process results in accurate color, crisp details, and a feeling of natural ambient lighting.    

 I strive to provide personal service and attention-to-detail for every assignment, from the million dollar property to the studio apartment.  You will not find me rushing through a shoot or skimping on edits.  I choose to deal in QUALITY, rather than Quantity!


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*A Budget HDR Photo Package is available for those properties that may not warrant supplemental lighting and advanced editing.


    Member of Real Estate Photographers of America and International
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