2D Floor Plans


Simply stated, floor plans make listings better!  

Buyers Want Them:
For years, Buyers have told us that a floor plan is one both valuable and helpful during the home search. According to NAR research, consumers rank the importance of a floor plan just beneath photos and property information; it’s hard to imagine that we’ve gone so long without fulfilling that need.

Floor Plans Sell Homes:
Floor plans can help sell homes faster, providing a buyer with an instant view of the home’s flow. This helps them sort through inventory and build a list of properties to walk through with their agent that meet their needs.

Floor Plans Improve the Listing Record:
Floor plans improve and enrich the listing record and the MLS database.



CubiCasa ®   $50


  • Two versions of the floor plan are provided --- both with and without dimensions.

  • Dimensions are APPROXIMATE ONLY.

  • Interior spaces and an attached garage are included.  Detached buildings may or may not be included.

  • Pricing is for "add-on" to a photo package.  If ordered as "stand-alone" service, an additional $50.00 location visit fee will apply.


FloPlan ®  $20

  • FloPlan is a paid FlexMLS feature for SCAR Realtors  (FloPlan charges $12 per scan in addition to our $20 service charge)

  • FloPlan is processed through the Agent's FloPlan account.  Agent will send an "invitation" to photographer as a "collaborator".


CubiCasa with Dimensions:

CubiCasa without Dimensions:


FloPlan without dimensions